The 9 Fats You Need to Lose Weight

Sure, you know your saturated and unsaturated fats. And if you've really been studying up, maybe even the difference between MUFAs and PUFAs. But a recent article in Institute of Food Technologists’ magazine, Food Technology, explains that, when it comes to improving your health and BMI, you need to be eating nine different fatty acids and nutritional oils.
1. Omega-3 fatty acids: Okay, so this one is pretty well-known—and with good reason. They are famed for improving heart health and mood, as well as promoting healthy waistlines. But contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to eat salmon to get your omega-3 on.
2. Pinolenic acid: It's time for a pesto party. This fatty acid, found in pine nuts and especially rich in Korean ones, has been linked to appetite suppression and improved satiety, according to the Institute of Food Technologists
3. Conjugated linoleic acid: However you try to pronounce it, conjugated linoleic acid can reduce your body-fat percentage while increasing how much lean body mass (a.k.a. muscle) you have, according to the editorial.
4. Flaxseed oil: A good source of omega-3's, -6's, and -9's (seriously, what omega doesn't it have?), flaxseed oil can help reduce inflammation, which has been linked to weight gain. Try using it as a salad dressing. It has a light, nutty flavor that goes great with veggies.
5. Hemp oil: It's rich in those oh-so-popular omega-3's, but also the potent antioxidant vitamin E..
6. Fish oil: These supplements can improve your heart and brain health, and according to research in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, boost your body's muscle-building response to strength training.

7. Canola oil: Recent research shows that this versatile cooking oil improves blood sugar control in type 2 diabetics. And chances are, it can help you, too.

8. High oleic soybean oil: Low on saturated fat, this stuff packs three times more monounsaturated fats than regular soybean oil, according to the Institute of Food Technologists. It has a really high smoke point, so it's great for cooking anything you really want to sizzle, like a stir-fry.
9. Coconut oil: All the rage right now, coconut oil is believed to be a powerful energy-booster and is known for its bevy of medium-chain triglycerides, which are metabolized more quickly than other saturated fats